Traveling? Do Not Leave Your Pet Cat at Home Alone

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Maybe you’re thinking it’s time to get away and take a vacation. If you have a cat, you might be asking yourself if you can leave your cat home alone while you’re away? There are many good reasons not to leave your cat home alone, here are some reasons why and how to find a good pet sitter.

Reasons Not to Leave Your Cat Home Alone

If you’re leaving home for more than a day, you really want to get a good pet sitter. There are many reasons why you shouldn’t leave your cat home alone for more than a day.  It’s really a myth that cats can fend for themselves, they need care and attention. When cats are left alone for longer than a day, our absence causes them stress and anxiety.  Cats may be independent, but they don’t do well left alone for multiple days, they get lonely and anxious without their human companions, especially with the increasing time we’re away from them.  Cat’s worry like we do and can feel abandoned and increasingly nervous the longer we’re away.  Cats also get bored quickly without enough stimulation, and can develop behavior issues if left alone too long.  Having a pet sitter visit at least once or twice a day will give your cat the attention, stimulation and care they need and is best for them.

Cats don’t do well with change but they do like and need routine, so you want to keep your cat’s routine as consistent and normal as possible. Cats do best when they’re fed at the same time every day, morning and night, with both wet and dry food. Leaving a lot of dry food out for your cat to feed on freely while you’re away is not a good idea.  Cats can gorge on dry food and eat too much not leaving enough food for later.  Cats also need wet food for hydration and protein, and wet food left out for more than a couple of hours will get stale.  Cats need fresh water daily and are more inclined to drink fresh water than stale water.  Cats also like clean litter boxes and may stop using the litter box altogether if it’s too dirty or is not cleaned regularly.

Cats that don’t eat enough or stop eating completely because you’re away or because they’re depressed or without food, rely on their fat reserves for energy whenever they have inadequate protein or when protein supplies are exhausted in their body. This causes the liver to become overwhelmed by fat, and results in a dangerous condition called Hepatic Lipidosis leading to liver failure.  Feeding your cat on a regular feeding schedule will prevent this.

What if your cat had an emergency, and no one was there? What if your cat got caught in something or was hurt jumping or fell and was injured? Or what if your cat got sick and no one was there to help him?  You wouldn’t want your cat to suffer until you got home, or worse die. With an attentive pet sitter, your cat will get the personal and medical care it needs, and you will have peace of mind knowing your cat is being well cared for.

It’s your responsibility to keep your cat safe, healthy and happy, so why would you take a chance on something happening to your cat, possibly compromising its health?  Why not play it safe and do what’s best for your cat?  Hire a qualified pet sitter and leave without worrying if your pet is okay.