Curbing Your Pet’s Separation Anxiety When You’re Out of Town

Even the most low maintenance of pets can express anxiety when their owner is out of town. After all, they look to their owners to fill all of their needs from feeding to companionship, and their owners’ absence can send some pets into a state of panic.

A pet experiencing separation anxiety may express it in a multitude of ways, from excessive vocalization to urinating in the house to destroying doors, furniture, or other household items. Some pets experiencing separation anxiety will cease to eat or drink, risking dehydration and malnutrition. For a pet suffering separation anxiety, it is important to take every possible precaution to reduce your pet’s stress and worry.

Reducing Your Pets’ Separation Anxiety

Build-Up To Your Absence – If your pet tends to get anxious when you are gone, suddenly leaving your pet to go on a long trip can send your pet into a fit of anxiety. Build up to longer trips by leaving on several shorter trips to lessen their stress. Even practicing with a few weekends away can make a significant difference.

Create a Distraction – An entertained pet is a happy pet. Ensure that your cat or dog has lots of chews, toys, and interactive games like a treat-dispensing ball to keep them busy while you are gone. A pet who has something to focus their energy on is less likely to get destructive.

Maintain Their Routine – Pets, especially cats and dogs, thrive on routine. A cat or dog who knows when to expect dinner, a walk, and playtime is far calmer and more well-adjusted than pets who don’t have any structure. Keep your pet’s schedule as close to ‘normal’ as possible while you are gone by enlisting the help of a local pet sitter. A pet sitter can feed, walk, play with, and provide medication as close to your pet’s regular schedule as possible so that he or she does not feel that their entire life has been thrown off balance in your absence.

Why Choose Pet Sitting Over Boarding For Anxious Pets

For pets who suffer separation anxiety, a boarding facility can be a nightmare. Separation from their owner, paired with being relocated to an unfamiliar place can cause extreme stress in your pet. Keeping your pet at home where he or she is most comfortable can minimize the amount of anxiety your pet is experiencing in your absence.

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