6 Reasons Your Cat Might Be Meowing

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Have you ever wondered why your cat might be meowing at you? As they grow from cats to kittens, the reasoning can change drastically. As babies, kittens meow to their mothers to let them know that they are hungry, cold, or scared. As they grow older, those tiny little kitty mews turn into loud full meows, hissing, yowling, and even growling. These different cat sounds can mean a multitude of things.

Why Does My Cat Make So Much Noise?

If you have a cat who meows constantly, she could be doing so for many different reasons – from being attention-seeking to trying to alert you to something serious.

  1. Attention – Contrary to popular belief, cats are fairly social animals. They actually do enjoy spending time with their people. Cats will often meow to initiate petting, play, or to get you to talk to them. To get your kitty to cut back on her attention-seeking meows, simply stop responding to them. Give her attention when she is quiet, but stop if she begins to meow again. Make sure to spend quality time with your cat daily by playing, grooming, and talking to her. If you’re gone long hours, look into cat sitting – Southlake area pet sitters can fulfill all your kitty’s needy needs!
  2. Stressed – Cats who experience stress often will become more vocal. Changes in the home, a big move, things such as a new baby or pet, an illness, or loss of a loved one can all cause stress for your cat. Pay close attention to see if you can pinpoint what is stressing your kitty, and help her to adjust. If you can’t figure out why your cat is feeling this way, help soothe her by offering her some extra love and attention.
  3. Lonely – Believe it or not, cats don’t always like to be left alone for long periods. When cats are feeling lonely, they can get vocal. If you have to leave your cat alone for long hours regularly, try putting a bird feeder out of a window so they can watch to help keep them busy. Another great option is finding cat sitting – Highland Village has great options.
  4. Saying Hello – Lots of cats will meow when their human comes home, or even just when they run into them in the house. This is your kitty’s way of saying “hello” and that she’s happy to see you.
  5. Hungry – Cats have a great internal clock, and will become more vocal around feeding times. They may also choose to meow at you when they’ve noticed an empty bowl. Put a stop to this by only feeding her when she’s quiet and patient, or investing in an automatic feeder! If you don’t want to get an auto feeder, hire a pet sitter – Grapevine kitty pros are here to help!
  6. Feeling ill – At any age, cats can develop kidney disease or overactive thyroid – both of these things can result in excessive vocalization. This meow will be more of a yowling sound – similar to when a person cries out in pain.

The next time your cat becomes extra vocal, spend the time trying to figure out why. When you’re looking into hiring someone for cat sitting, Highland Village has the cat sitting professionals to give your cat the attention she deserves.

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