I can’t thank you enough for 1) coming to take care of our pets on such short notice, and 2) coming to take care of them extra days beyond what we originally asked. You are a Godsend! We appreciate also the quality care you give to our “kids” when we are not there. John will be traveling again in a few weeks while I am out of the country, so you will be hearing from him soon about employing your wonderful service again!
Thanks for everything you do.
Lisa J. B.
Irving, TX

***From one of my great customers who moved to Ontario***
Alan, I can’t thank you enough for the excellent care you’ve given to my cats over the past nine years. Your presence has given me peace of mind over my most precious things. Thank you, thank you.
Susan McCreary & Astro
-For Alley and Jake.
Dallas, TX

Alan, thank you so much for coming to my rescue last month. My Dad died unexpectedly and I just flew off to Iowa. I realized then that you have been taking care of my cats for 13 years this fall! I am so lucky to have someone like you that I can trust and depend on.
Thank you!
Dallas, TX

Thank you so much for the great care that you provided for our dogs. They looked so happy when we got home and we could tell that they had a good week. It was very nice to be gone and not have to worry that they were unhappy.
We will definitely call you again!
Leslie M.

Thanks so much for loving our babies!
Lilly R. N.
Irving, TX

Alan, Pet-Sitter Extraordinaire 🙂
Anna D.
Flower Mound

Alan, I certainly appreciate the very good care you provide for Corky, Kaycee, and Callie!
Howard B.
North Dallas, TX

Alan fed, watered and cleaned the litter box in addition to getting mail and in general keeping the house running while I was gone. I travel extensively for work and Alan is always available with a friendly attitude! He has taken care of my three cats for 10 years – I would highly recommend him. I had a piece of mind whenever I was out of town knowing Alan was taking care of my kitties. It’s something that you cannot put a price on!
Shelley W.

I have been most impressed with the pet care my two cats have received from Alan. This is the second time (first time was just overnight) I have used this service and each time upon my arrival home I find a handwritten letter detailing how the pet care went and any observations. The floor around the cat dishes is always clean and the fork rinsed and in the dish washer. The mail is on the table sorted by advertisements and envelopes. One of the cats needs medication requiring crushing up a pill, mixing it with a little food, waiting until it has been eaten and then giving the rest of the food. This hasn’t been a problem at all for Alan and, in fact, this last time he actually gave me a tip on what he did that worked well. The best testimonial I can give is from the cats themselves. For the past several years I have had the neighbors come in and feed them when I was away. Despite the fact that they know the neighbors and I know they were well cared for, I would always be severely scolded several hours when I got home. Since Alan has begun caring for them they treat me as if I have just walked in from a day at the office.
Morgan B.

My wife and I were leaving town for 10 days on a Friday and called A Class Above Pet Sitters the previous Monday to make arrangements to feed our cat while we were away. This was our first trip away from our “child”. Alan met with us on Wednesday to explain the process, get keys, alarm code etc. He was organized and thorough and put us completely at ease. Besides caring for our house cat he also fed a feral cat and watered the outdoor plants. We highly recommend him for your pet care needs. – James A – Irving

Nine days daily feeding of two cats, cleaned litter boxes, played with cats, brought in mail & newspapers, watered plants & put water in swimming pool. Alan charged $18.00 per day & $1.00 more for our extra cat for a total of $19.00 per day, which was well worth the price for the services provided & our peace of mind. Alan was wonderful. After meeting him, we felt totally confident that he would give our pets the best of care and he did just that. He also looked after all the extra concerns of our home such as plants, mail, newspapers & pool water level which must be closely watched during our hot Texas summers. Our cats were in excellent condition upon our return. We have already made arrangements for Alan to care for our pets for 16 days this July & August when we go on vacation.
Donna H

A Class Above Pet Sitting Services is the pet keepers I use. I first used them in June 2011. Everything about them is just excellent.
Jan H.