Pet Sitting Services in Southlake TX

Southlake Pet Sitter Services

With A Class Above Pet Sitters, your pets are provided their daily scheduled meals, fresh water, and treats. Each visit comes with lots of personalized loving care and attention in your Southlake TX home. Your pets can enjoy lots of exercise, playtime, tummy rubs, backrubs, or whatever they fancy.

  • Potty breaks are provided in backyard areas or pets are taken out for walks out to a grassy area. Kitty litter boxes are scooped daily or changed out based on your preference.
  • Rx and minor medical services are provided such as administering pills, medications, or insulin injections.
  • Newspapers, mail, packages, and flyers are brought into your Southlake home for your convenience and security.
  • Outdoor or indoor plant maintenance is part of the service including alternating lights or opening/closing blinds or shades.
  • Trash service and checking pool levels are provided as well.
  • Doggie and kitty report cards are left at the end of each set of visits so you will know what fun your pets had and what they did while you were away.
  • Most importantly, your pets will be well taken care of and given lots of loving attention!

Southlake Pet Sitters – A Class Above Pet Sitters

Southlake, Texas, is as beautiful as a place to live or as a destination, with a wide variety of things to do. From impressive outdoor offerings such as Lake Grapevine and the Bob Jones Nature Center and Preserve to sophisticated date night destinations like the Palace Arts Center and Delaney Vineyards and Winery, it’s the perfect city for a weekend away. You don’t have to leave the kids behind either, with family-friendly activities such as Legoland Discovery Center and the historic (and inexpensive!) Nash Farm.  However, when you need to leave the beauty of Southlake and head out of town, you can trust the professional pet sitter services of A Class Above Pet Sitters!

Why Hire a Southlake Pet Sitter

Whether you need someone to come to your home or your vacation destination, A Class Above Pet Sitters provides only the best care for your pets. We make sure to maintain your pet’s schedule and routine to reduce their anxiety while you are away. All of the professionals at A Class Above Pet Sitters are trained not only in animal safety and first aid, but are also familiar with security systems and can check windows, doors, and fences for vulnerabilities to keep your pets and home safe.

Reliable Pet Sitters in Southlake, Texas

A Class Above Pet Sitters go above and beyond to ensure your expectations are not only met, but exceeded. We are the best professional pet sitting company in Southlake, Texas, and are proud to provide you with not only excellent service and reliability but priceless peace of mind.

What pet parents can count on when enlisting the help of A Class Above Pet Sitters:

  • Security – A Class Above Pet Sitters are able to check your fence and home for any vulnerabilities, and we are familiar with nearly all available security systems. We will make sure that your home and pets are safe and secure while you are away.
  • Safety – Our professional Southlake pet sitters can administer medication on your pet’s schedule, and are trained to handle emergencies. The safety of not only your pets but also your home is one of our top priorities.
  • Reliability – The professionals at A Class Above Pet Sitters are punctual and dependable, letting you relax while you are away from home.
  • Peace of Mind – Hiring a professional pet sitter rather than a teenaged neighbor or friend gives you priceless peace of mind knowing that your home and pets are in the hands of experienced and trained experts.

Why Choose A Class Above Pet Sitters

A Class Above Pet Sitters is the best professional pet sitting company in Southlake, Texas, offering top of the line services for reasonable prices. We offer only the highest quality care, and we are passionate about our business. At A Class Above Pet Sitters, we want you to know that your home and pets are in the hands of professionals.

Get Started With A Class Above Pet Sitters

Our professional Southlake Texas pet sitters would love to hear from you! You can schedule a pet sitting appointment by filling out our online form or by calling (972) 355-7133.