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Irving Pet Sitter Services

With A Class Above Pet Sitters, your pets are provided their daily scheduled meals, fresh water, and treats. Each visit comes with lots of personalized loving care and attention in your Irving TX home. Your pets can enjoy lots of exercise, playtime, tummy rubs, backrubs, or whatever they fancy.

  • Potty breaks are provided in backyard areas or pets are taken out for walks out to a grassy area. Kitty litter boxes are scooped daily or changed out based on your preference.
  • Rx and minor medical services are provided such as administering pills, medications, or insulin injections.
  • Newspapers, mail, packages, and flyers are brought into your Irving home for your convenience and security.
  • Outdoor or indoor plant maintenance is part of the service including alternating lights or opening/closing blinds or shades.
  • Trash service and checking pool levels are provided as well.
  • Doggie and kitty report cards are left at the end of each set of visits so you will know what fun your pets had and what they did while you were away.
  • Most importantly, your pets will be well taken care of and given lots of loving attention!

A Class Above Pet Sitters
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Peace of Mind: The Best Pet Sitters in Irving, Texas

Located in Dallas County, Irving, Texas, is a bustling area with an exciting nightlife scene and a growing art community. With something to do on every corner, it seems Irving residents would never want to leave. Of course, there may come a time when you need to go out of town and leave your pets behind. With A Class Above Pet Sitters, you can be sure you are leaving your furry loved one in capable hands!

Pet Sitter in Irving, Texas

Hiring a pet sitter will not only allow you peace of mind but your pet as well! When boarding at a kennel or vet clinic, many pets experience debilitating anxiety. When your pet is anxious, he or she may not eat – which leads to weight loss and dehydration, or worse. Stress and anxiety can cause your pet even to try and escape the unfamiliar surroundings, which could lead to your pet getting injured or lost. Hiring a dog sitter or cat sitter to come to your home alleviates the stress of your absence, allowing your pet to stay where he or she is most comfortable.

Dog Sitting and Cat Sitting in Irving, Texas

When it comes to pet sitting, Irving, Texas residents need to look no further than A Class Above Pet Sitters. With our proven track record of dependability, experience, and customer service, our dog sitting and cat sitting services indeed are a class above!

What pet owners can expect when hiring A Class Above Pet Sitters:

  • Security – You can expect every security measure possible when enlisting the services of A Class Above Pet Sitters. From checking gates, doors, windows, enabling security systems, and collecting mail so that onlookers don’t know you aren’t around, we take the security of your home and pets very seriously.
  • Safety – As with any reputable pet sitter, the safety of your pets is our primary concern. If for any reason, we feel your pet is in danger or ill-health, we will contact both you and your veterinarian.
  • Reliability – We strive to feed pets and administer medication on schedule. If, at any point, you need to contact your pet sitter, the owner is available via text, email, and phone and will respond quickly.
  • Peace of Mind – With A Class Above Pet Sitters, our goal is to provide complete peace of mind for our customers. Knowing your pets are adequately cared for is priceless.

Why Choose A Class Above Pet Sitters

At A Class Above Pet Sitters, we understand how important your pets are to you. After all, pets are part of the family! With years of experience and exemplary customer service and animal care, you can rest assured knowing you are getting the best pet sitting services at the most reasonable rates.

Get Started With A Class Above Pet Sitters

As pet parents, we want to be able to take our pets with us anywhere we go. Unfortunately, that can’t always be the case. If you are planning a work trip, vacation, or need to leave town – even last minute – you can trust us to provide the very best dog sitting and cat sitting services in Irving, Texas.

Get started with A Class Above Pet Sitters by filling out the online form or by calling (972) 355-7133.


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