Security and Peace of Mind

As your professional pet sitter, I value the safety of your pets and home. You can have confidence and faith in that commitment. Listed below are some measures A Class Above Pet Sitters utilizes to assure the best in security and care for your pets and your home:

  • A complimentary consultation is conducted for all first time customers. This visit is to familiarize pets with their sitter. The complimentary consultation provides me an opportunity to get all the necessary instructions I need to take care of your pets. It also provides you an opportunity to inform me of any medication schedules or health conditions your pets may have.
  • My vehicle does not carry business signs or insignia which prevents possible burglars from knowing that you’re not home (I have not yet known another pet sitting company that does not advertise on their vehicles. Parking in front of a residence with a marked pet sitting vehicle is an open invitation for a burglar to burglarize a home).
  • I always require emergency contact information and a veterinarian number while you are away. In the event you do not have a vet, I can always refer you to one in your area.
  • My keys are coded and all files and keys are secured in my home at the end of the business day.
  • I always am looking out for the well-being of your loved ones. I maintain a check list to make sure fences are secure for outdoor pets, litter boxes are always accessible, and all windows and doors are shut and locked.
  • Since I am the sole owner with no employees, I can maintain and assure the highest degree of reliability and security for your pets and home.
  • I am highly organized and keep good pet care instructions in my files in addition to maintaining a daily schedule form.
  • I always provide follow-up calls to my customers prior to their departure. I like to reconfirm the schedules and check to see if there are any additional instructions for taking care of your loved ones.
  • I am security conscious and am familiar with using alarm systems that provide security to your home.