Pet Sitting Benefits

Please don’t kennel or use pet hospitals! Kennels have proven to be very stressful environments for your pets. Pets in veterinary clinic kennels can experience weight loss and severe anxiety. In addition, they are often exposed to kennel cough, flea infestation, diseases, and parasites. Your pets will feel more secure in their familiar surroundings with their regular meals, all their favorite toys, and special areas.

Eliminate trips and trauma of transporting your pets back and forth to the kennel. Furthermore you will not have to wait until the following Monday to pick up your pets when you arrive back on weekends.

With A Class Above Pet Sitters, your pets will maintain their normal diet, exercise routine, and any medications that are needed. We offer full service morning, mid-day, and evening visits to accommodate all your pet’s needs.

A Class Above Pet Sitters offers all clients peace of mind while traveling. The owner is always available by cell phone, email, or text messages and replies promptly.
Additional complimentary services include crime deterrent measures, mail & newspaper collection, watering plants, trash day, and much more.

A Class Above Pet Sitters is on call 365 days a year. Do you need your pet sitter on major holidays such as Thanksgiving or Christmas day? No problem, I will always have you covered and short notices are never a problem.