Top 5 Places For Dogs to Swim in Dallas

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If you are a resident of Dallas or any of the surrounding areas, you know how dog-friendly this city is. Between bakeries, restaurants, parks, and more, there are many places to take your favorite furry friend with you. Without a doubt, one of their favorite places to go is the dog park. With space to run and play and interact with other dogs, your pup is worn out and happy as a clam! If your dog is actually a fish, finding a park with a pond is an absolute must!

Dogs Who Love to Swim

Big, small, old, young, short or long-haired – it’s no secret that dogs of all shapes, sizes, and ages love to swim! If your dog is one of those who can’t get enough of the doggy paddle, it’s a plus to know where all the best swimming spots are. At ACA Pet Sitters, the pet sitter Grapevine turns to, your dog will never have to miss out if you can’t take him.

White Rock Dog Park

White Rock Dog Park visitors have a great off-leash area for their pups to romp and have a good time. With their very own section of the lake to satisfy all of their splashing and swimming needs, dog owners can be sure their furry swimmers will get their fill!

Northbark Dog Park

With a large-sized area for those with larger dogs and an area that is more than big enough for those of smaller stature, dogs of all sizes will feel more than welcome here! The pond area is very popular for those hot Texas afternoons.

East Lake Veterinary Hospital

Not only an animal hospital,  East Lake also has a great day camp program for your dog. Between swimming, digging, and all the belly rubs they could ever want, your dog will be more than happy to be dropped off for the day. While your pup is there for day camp, you can schedule him to have a check-up as well. East Lake Veterinary Hospital has it all, but

If your dog is the homebody type, dog sitting Irving company, ACA Pet Sitters will do everything they can to get your dog’s swimming needs fulfilled in other ways.

Canine Country Club and Wellness Center

At the Canine Country Club and Wellness Center, dogs of all shapes and sizes can enjoy indoor and outdoor runs and obstacle courses. With a body of natural water at this canine retreat, the more experienced swimmers can also participate in diving contests!

McInnish Park

Frequently referred to as a hidden gem, this large dog park has three sections to it. Along with a large and small dog area, there is also a well-shaded swimming area for your pup to play in. This park has plenty of seating, and poop bag stations for pet parents to utilize.

For a Pet Sitter Grapevine Trusts – ACA Pet Sitters

If you and your pet aren’t able to go out to visit the dog park, you can still count on professional pet sitting. Flowermound, Lewisville and surrounding areas call on ACA Pet Sitters for their dog walking needs.