January is National Train Your Pet Month!

As a pet parent, this is definitely something you want to be a part of! Taking time to train your pet not only builds a bond between you and your furry friend but also helps your pet to learn behavior and manners that will make life easier for everyone. Remember, when it comes to training your pet, start simple and make things fun. If your pet already knows the basics, make it a point to learn a new fun trick once in a while. Learning together is a great way to make your bond even stronger.

The Basics

When training your pet, always start with the basic commands. These commands will be the basis of all good behavior, and will be the most important your pet will learn. With dogs, basic commands such as sit, down, stay, leave it, and come are all commands that help teach them the manners they need to be well behaved. With cats, learning to use the litter box, staying off of the kitchen counters, and not scratching the living room furniture will be the most basic tricks for your kitty. It’s essential to remember if you’re leaving your pup up for the dog sitting Grapevine, TX provides to ensure that the sitter is consistent with the training that you’ve been implementing! Consistency is key when learning a new command.

Important Commands For Your Pooch

Whether your dog is just a young pup or even an older dog, it’s never too late to start learning good behavior. Don’t believe the myth that you can’t teach an old dog new tricks!

  • Sit – Teaching your dog to sit, will teach him to be calm and respectful to those around him. Having him sit and wait to be pet teaches good manners.
  • Leave it – This is a command that could potentially save your dog’s life. When your furry friend runs to grab that delicious looking piece of candy off the floor (that just so happens to be some medication you’ve dropped), a firm “leave it” command could save you both from potential catastrophe.
  • Stay – Stay is a command that comes in handy if you have a dog that likes to dart out the front door! Teaching him to stay will help him learn important boundaries.
  • Come – Having a reliable recall is extremely important. Making sure your dog knows to come when it is called is another command that will keep your dog safe in all kinds of situations.

Litter Box Training

Cats are naturally clean animals, with a strong instinct to bury their waste. A few tricks can make litter box training fairly simple.

  • Get a box with sides low enough for them to easily step into, however, if your cat has bad aim, opt for sides that are a little taller.
  • Hard plastic litter boxes are best and hold up well over time.
  • Have one litter box per cat
  • Scoop daily and clean completely out once every couple of weeks.
  • If your kitty is still having trouble, try switching up the type of litter you’re using.

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