Dog-Friendly Places in North Dallas

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As pet parents, we wish we could take our dog with us everywhere we go. Just as in many other places, Dallas has many dog-friendly places where you can enjoy some special time with your pup. If you can’t make it to one of these places with your pup and don’t feel comfortable leaving your dog alone at home, look into our dog sitting Flowermound trusts!

Spending Time With Your Pooch

Quality time with your dog is important. Not only does it help build an unbreakable bond between you and your pup, but it is also good for teaching socialization. Making a point to take your dog out on the town to all of the dog-friendly places for a doggy date will also help create memories that can last a lifetime.


Many shopping malls and outlet stores only let your pup come along when you are doing things such as getting photos taken, or visiting Santa. This doesn’t mean you have to miss out on a day of retail therapy with your favorite four-legged friend. There are many fun places to enjoy shopping with your pup.

  • Dallas Farmers Market –  In the heart of downtown is the Dallas Farmers Market. With many things like fresh veggies, fresh fruit, and other items straight from local farmers. Enjoy a nice stroll with your dog while shopping for all of the freshest produce and more!
  • Avenue Barket – The Avenue Barket is a market tailored to your pet’s needs. As a pet supply store carrying a multitude of brands, and plenty of popular favorite products, you and your pet can find all you need and more in one stop!
  • Half Priced Books – If you’re in the market for some new books, go ahead and bring your dog! While you search for your next favorite read, pick something up for you and your pup to read together.

For those days that you need to run in and out and get all your shopping done but don’t want to leave your dog at home, you don’t have to! Dog sitting Addison servicing company ACA Pet Sitters is there for you, so your pup doesn’t need to be home alone.


Every dog owner’s ultimate travel-with-your-pup goal: finding a place to stop for food that is also dog-friendly! In Dallas, there are several options for this.

  • Woodshed Smokehouse – Not only does this restaurant have a delicious human menu, but they even provide a small menu with several choices for your pup!
  • Lazy Dog Restaurant – At Lazy Dog Restaurant, you can bring your pup to lounge on the patio while enjoying delicious American food!
  • Mutts Canine Cantina – In addition to a dog-friendly public outdoor patio and beer garden, Mutts Canine Cantina also offers a membership-based off-leash dog park with rates you can’t beat!


When trying to find the perfect park for you and your pup, there are many things you may take into consideration. Location, activities, size of the park, and if you can take your dog off-leash or not. Luckily for the Dallas dog owner, there are a plethora of parks to choose from.

Why Choose A Class Above Pet Sitters

In those unfortunate times when you can’t take your pup along, look into the dog sitting Carrollton residents count on: A Class Above Pet Sitters! We take care of all of your pet’s needs while you’re away, from long-term pet sitting services to on-demand services such as individual walks or potty breaks!  If you’re looking for reliable dog sitting Lewisville and the surrounding Dallas area needs, give us a call today!