December is National Cat Month

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It’s December, and that means it’s National Cat Month! For those of us who are lucky enough to have one of these funny, nimble, and sometimes unpredictable creatures in our lives – this is your month! Not only are cats cute, cuddly, and the rulers of the internet, but did you know there are actually benefits to owning a feline?

5 Scientific Facts About Owning A Cat

There have been studies that show that watching videos of cats online boosts one’s energy, so it’s no surprise that there is a special bond between cat and cat parent.

  • Cats are great for helping to cope with loss. They assist in faster healing and help their owners show less physical symptoms of pain, like crying.
  • Owning a cat can help you catch a date! A British poll found that 90% of single women said that they think that men who own a cat are “nicer” than other guys.
  • Cats are good for your heart. Studies have shown that they lower your stress level— this is possible because they don’t require quite as much effort as a dog.
  • It’s a myth that cats aren’t as affectionate as dogs. Cats can be just as good as companions! Studies have also shown that cats will remember the kindness shown to them and will return the favor later.
  • You’ll sleep better with your kitty friend. Studies have shown that people reported sleeping better with a cat than a person. Of those people, 41% said they slept better because of their cat, while only 20% reported that it led to disturbances in the night.

Why Cats Are The Best

For as long as dogs and cats have been pets, there has always been the question, which is better? Cat people have some pretty strong arguments:

  • Cats are great for the apartment dwellers! For those places that won’t allow large pets, cats are perfect for someone who lives in an apartment. They also don’t need to be walked, and won’t make a bunch of noise when someone knocks on your front door.
  • They can be left alone. Since cats enjoy their alone time when left with access to plenty of food, water, and a litter box, older cats are perfectly fine being left alone for a day or two – but make sure to check with your vet first. However, if you need a petsitter, Flower Mound is an area we service!
  • They are cheaper to care for than dogs. Cats don’t eat nearly as much as dogs, don’t need as many toys, and require little to no trips to the groomer. According to the ASPCA, cats won’t break the bank as much as a dog would.
  • Cats are low maintenance. They don’t need daily walks or regular trips to the groomer, and since they groom themselves, regular brushing isn’t unnecessary (unless this is something you and your kitty like to do to spend time together).
  • Cats are super smart! According to Animal Planet, cats are continually learning and have an excellent memory.

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