How to Train Your Cat to Use The Litter Box

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Bringing home a new kitten, or even an older cat, can be very exciting! You are prepared with all of the best food, toys, treats, and everything in between. You even have special spaces in your home where your cat can go to eat, sleep, relieve himself, and relax. The big day comes, and your new furball comes home, and you realize that you need to begin litter box training. Luckily, it’s easier to accomplish than you might think. If you get a new kitten and must leave her alone while at work, look into cat sitting – Carrollton is serviced by top-notch sitters from ACA Pet Sitters and can help assist in the training.

Where to Begin

There are a few things you should keep in mind when you are litter box training your new feline friend. Little things such as: making sure you have one box per cat you now have is a very important thing to remember. There are also many different types and brands of kitty litter to choose from. Some cats will use the litter box no matter what is inside, and some cats can be very picky. Finding a cat litter you can both agree on may take a little trial and error.

Let The Training Begin

Now that you have the supplies you need, and have set up the litter box, it’s time to train! When hiring services for cat sitting, Flowermound company ACA is ready and willing to do what they can to help keep your new kitty’s training consistent.

  • Show her the box – Show your kitten where the new litter box is the moment she comes home. Let her check it out. Do not move the litter box once you have shown your cat where it is.
  • Place your cat in the box – After every meal, or nap, pick up and place your kitten in the litter box. Also, set the cat in the box if she looks like she may be searching for a place to do her business.
  • Reward your cat! – Every time you see her use the box, praise her, and reward her for this behavior.
  • Don’t punish for accidents – If you punish your cat for not using the litter box, this can cause fear and anxiety. Cats don’t really associate punishment with actions like this, so doing so could aggravate the training process.

Extra Tips

Be sure to clean your litter boxes regularly. If you have a scoopable litter, scoop the box daily, and replace the litter when you notice it beginning to not cover the “cat smell” anymore. When you do change the litter, go ahead and clean and disinfect the box while it is empty. Use an enzyme cleaner in the box, and also for the areas around the litter box. Use this same kind of cleaner on any areas when she may have had an accident. Not cleaning it properly could encourage her to continue using this spot.

Getting a new kitten is exciting! Litter box training is another story. If you keep it consistent, it can be done fairly fast. Cat’s have a strong instinct to cover their business, and will normally pick up on it pretty quickly. Should you need cat sitting, Addison company ACA Pet Sitters will make sure your kitty stays on track with all training.