Welcome To A Class Above Pet Sitters

A Class Above Pet Sitters became the first known pet sitting service in the Dallas Ft. Worth area beginning in August 1991. During its humble beginnings, the owner provided all pet sitting services to its clients and moving forward to today, nothing has changed. The owner to this day provides all the loving pet care services without the use of temps, contractors, or hired help.

The vast majority of pet sitting companies now contract or farm out their services, providing different sitters who often are not fully vested in their quality of service. Yet, it is a given, that a business run by its own proprietor over decades ultimately provides a superior quality service, as that owner is fully committed to his clients and his business. A Class Above Pet Sitters still retains many satisfied clients from its beginnings in the early 1990’s that have had several generations of pets.

Pet Care Background

The hallmarks that have made A Class Above Pet Sitters a top quality pet sitting service, begins with the owner. As the owner, I strive on a daily basis to be the best pet sitter possible and to provide the ultimate in loving pet-sitting care. I take great care in pampering your loved pets as all pet-sitters should. Being just a pet lover does not meet all the standards of a great pet sitter; the sitter must be highly organized, trustworthy, and competent. Customer service is equally important; with A Class Above you can expect prompt replies to calls, emails, and texts, not to mention report cards detailing how your loved one did during our visits. Furthermore, service is provided year around and short notice is never a problem.

A Class Above Pet Sitters has NEVER received a negative report with the BBB and has many glowing unsolicited reviews on Angie’s List. As your sitter, I guarantee the ultimate loving care you should expect from a top-notch service by living up to my name – A Class Above Pet Sitters – bonded and insured!